Snow of ’78 ~ Dylan in the Movies

29 Mar

In a winter grey, I recall your face.  I remember this and this is who we are. 

…We can run away, when we run away, we leave a trail behind; we don’t go too far…

Then the drums come in and the tempo increases to a rhythmic spin – you can just imagine hurtling down the Big Sur, top-down and radio blaring.

Composure is regained as Brian’s vocals hint of the laid-back summer sounds of Evan Dando and J Mascis, but mostly, comparisons aren’t needed.

Words of winter, and music that sounds as though it is high-summer in California offer us a memory and leave us with a dream.

Both Brian and Tanya talk of the  blizzard of 1978 – Brian in ‘Snow of ‘78’ and Tanya in ‘Bury My Heart’.

Maybe we see with our eyes, feel with our hearts and speak our own truth.

…I believe you were stolen from the beautiful and green…

Etched into memories – this will remain in ours.

Listen to more music from Dylan in the Movies here: 


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