Let Go ~ Daltonians

29 Mar

Simplicity works.

Julie Peel and her new band the Daltonians are currently writing and recording, along with side-project Blare, in Brooklyn, NYC.

Here is Julie’s latest work.

Maybe it’s a love song to all us live music junkies, perhaps it is a real memory, whatever the motivations, we can all relate to honesty.

Afraid to move and you let go…

…feeling so dizzy and wanting you so

She takes us into a dark, crowded room and for a few minutes we are all flies on a beautiful wall of graffiti – we see and hear her story but will never know how the images got there – what created them.

If a voice were like looking into the deepest of the darkest, brown eyes…

Without armour.

…wanting to kiss you but you’ll never know

Autobiographical, Observational or pure Imaginational – this doesn’t matter.

Self-harmonising and muted, barely-there guitar lets us in.

Complicated people and experiences can be simplified so well.

But graffiti says more than it says.

If the pain of losing were captured in a song – Julie Peel and the Daltonians could be that song.




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