We’re Okay… (It’s just the rest of the world!!)

21 Jul

ImageAcross the street, three girls, maybe with a combined age of no more than thirty-two years, pile out of a corner grocery-store.  All dressed in vests and hot-pants, they flick through the Hair and Fashion pages of the latest Cosmo magazine whilst simultaneously gazing at their reflections in the windows of the pizza-slice wagon.  One girl sucks her (non-existent) belly in, whilst the other pushes her (non-existent) chest positively outwards to any passing stranger who comes her way.  The third one puckers her lips and takes a random shot at drawing a cupid-pout in garish, fluorescent lippy.

Two doors down, some lads leave a McDonalds with a Bargain Bucket, and literally drag their bodies behind their guts, another few blocks to the Liquor store.

Meanwhile, back at the Rocker’s Ranch…

It’s fair to say that Brighton Music Hall on Allston’s Brighton Avenue is a pretty influential venue in the Boston music scene.  With bands such as Buffalo Tom, Mission of Burma, Codeine, Thalia Zedek and Come, as well as Dinosaur Jr. and J. Mascis – not to mention Fuzzy’s own Hilken and Chris – it’s a bit of an achievement to ship fifty or more 8 – 17 year olds in (Parental Advisory recommended, as noted on one girl’s beanie), let alone successfully get those same girls to execute a real live rock-show in front of a crowded – no, wait a second – a SOLD-OUT – venue hall.

But you might as well shoot any expectations such as those, outta the window along with the trashy celebrity mags, burgers, farts ‘n’ hot-pants. These girls are having none of it, and simply by being here today, they have totally defied all supposed conventions in the world of RRRROCK.

They say that true Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead.  Well, going by this afternoon, Girls Rock Camp Boston might well have put it squarely back on the map.  Boston, after all, always had it going on.

Tens of volunteers gave up their time this past week to tutor, coach, encourage and inspire girls from all over Boston and beyond.  And after today’s showcase, a little bit of credit goes to those guys who made it happen – from the promotion, to the bookings, from the vocal-coaching to the self-defense lessons.  But a lot of credit should go to the girls themselves.

All it takes is an idea and a nudge in the right direction…

With moral support from the talented Hilken and Chris of Fuzzy, and Juliana Hatfield (and that’s only scratching the surface) to share their musical motivation with the girls of Girls Rock Camp Boston; the message couldn’t be clearer and it definitely couldn’t be more inspiring:  GIRLS ROCK TOO!!!

It ain’t a man’s world.  It ain’t a woman’s world, either.  It’s a creative world – and today’s bands showed us all that when it comes to creating great and rockin’ music (with some sensitive lyrics and harmonies thrown in) gender really should not come into the equation.  All these girls today showed that age nor gender should be a barrier when it comes to being yourself and just doing what you love.

Girls Rock Camp Boston is definitely an awesome place to start.  Never be afraid of who you are!

Bands who premiered at the Girls Rock Camp Boston showcase, today – July 21st 2012:

  • N/A
  • Spiral Control
  • Spawn of Satan
  • Vango & the Sound
  • Electric Beats!!
  • Midnight Sun
  • The Shades
  • Echo Echo Echo
  • The Fuse Poppers
  • The Uninvited
  • The United

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