Interpret Your Own Way…

11 Jul

Popular culture has a habit of telling us how to think and feel:  radio stations play song after song on loop, repeated throughout the day until our brains can no longer even contemplate taking anything else on board.

Stevie Nicks has somehow managed to channel every observation, each moment and the profundities that we’d like to vocalize but often can’t pin-point.  She is the vehicle for our dreams, perhaps our extroverted selves and she slots quite easily between that space where reality can become distorted with a magical illusion.

At one interlude, Stevie explained how her experiences face-to-face with soldiers from the front-line forced her to look at herself – not just as a global performer, but as a pure and simple mother of a soldier – an identity that has nothing to do with her public persona.

Some of these songs first took shape in the early 70s and whatever happened to them along the way, they got lost – and have only just reappeared.  Whether Stevie Nicks is still the same girl now as she was when she wrote those first lines, those words and melodies came from within.  But they no longer belong to this woman – they might have come from her own perspectives, experiences or abstractly magical imagination – but they come to us fully-formed, and there’s no mistaking, they’ll conjure up certain associations for us as listeners.

Stevie’s new songs definitely are developed from a theatrical approach – at times explicitly devoted to her magic-side – Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) pulls directly from the Twilight series.  So, there’s also a half-light situation which pulls from the past but tugs at the future – like everything is fluid, nothing ever ends…

Stevie rode it out, lost her way, and isn’t afraid to tell it aloud.  The best, most enduring artists do just that.  If you’ve been through so much that you no longer know what’s true, real or you – then the only way is to transform it into something that your former self would dance to like the moonlight was your personal glitter-ball.


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