4th July…

5 Jul

Boston could never be accused of giving up at the first hurdle.  Tonight’s 4th of July celebrations could very easily have fallen flat – torrential rain and thunder storms threatened to loom over the Charles River and put an end to the evening’s celebrations.

Poor Jennifer Hudson would have had to pack up and head home and console herself with an episode of Oprah and a tub of American Dream Ben n Jerrys….

Not to mention, we would have missed out on the dulcet tones of the Mamma Mia cast.

The winner takes it all…

Standing on the Charles MGH bridge, I stood amongst a crowd of French exchange students – suddenly the rain came in thick and penetrating.  We could do nothing but face it, and through sore eyes, watch the light-show that was fighting through the weather regardless.

Yachts, dinghies and kayaks – even a single man on a paddle board, stayed put.  When the white and red illuminated the water, the shadows cast silhouettes across the river – it was like a scene from Titanic – a mess of activity on the water.  As soon as the fireworks were over, boats dispersed like bees going for the pollen.

We all sheltered against each other like penguins as the rains continued to hurl themselves at us.  Perfect storm – perfect strangers.  In this city, with complete strangers – goes to show that in true American style, it’s power in numbers – and there’s nothing like a massive party like this one, to bring people together and make us realize that we all need company and solidarity – despite in so many ways, being forever isolated.

On the way back, heading down Broadway, an impromptu dance party was going on next to Dunkin’ Donuts.  Dodging the mass crowds heading for the subway, I stopped by and ended up having the most random, enjoyable 45 minutes of my evening – with yet again, total strangers.  All united for one reason.  Good music and the chance to just be ourselves.  I looked up at the clock tower – 11.30pm.  In England, it would be 4.30am…

I couldn’t help but overhear some enthusiastic people literally slobbering over each other like spaniels – “Oh we’re from vagina…”

I think he meant China.  At least, I hope he meant China.



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