Bob Kendall Band ~ Midnight Flower….

25 Jun

No man is an island – and Bob Kendall, being based in Rhode Island – is no exception.
His latest album, Midnight Flower – is a real delight to listen to.
Beautiful and honest – these songs have been selected from a loyal back-catalogue of creative work – and the result sounds like these songs always fitted each other.
Just as they were intended to be.
Title track, Midnight Flower, will transport you to a time passed, a smoky wood-scented veranda, or into the heart of your most loyal, loved friend.  Vocals from Tanya Donelly add a certain visceral, seventh sense  – and conjures up weary-wise tones of Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris.
Often upbeat and with similarities in arrangements to the likes of Teenage Fanclub, The Beatles and Charlie Fink – there is a fresh atmosphere throughout, yet its heart lies solidly in a timeless nostalgia – that place where we all belong…

Courtesy of Bob Kendall


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