Ginger Carrots.

1 Nov

“Ginger carrots…” a Stipe-voice-alike murmurs on the enigmatic
eastern-tinged Lamb Shanks record.  Luckily the carrots don’t take offence and
book themselves in for a purple-rinse at the nearest opportunity.

Meanwhile, Creamless
Creamed Corn
takes its inspiration from Feeder’s Buck Rogers as the lyrics “Butter, Butter, Butter!” compliment
guitar-riffs that might make Black Francis blush.

Brains and Eggs
conjures up loose-fittin’ slacks and oversized sneakers.  You can’t help but check your own
break-dancing moves out.

Raw Peach’s warpyness
might have existed in the mind of Lewis Carroll but it exists in reality for
One Ring Zero – the vocals are creepy enough to mess with your appetite.

Imagine running into the quasi-reality of animated shrimps
on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf – playing on their banjos and giving it
the jazz-hands outside the clam and sourdough stalls.  Shrimp
will take you there.

Maine Jonah Crab Claws
bounces along with the bounce and rawness of the Breeders.

If Wilco and Teenage Fanclub collaborated on a song inspired
by root-vegetables, Pickled Pumpkin
would be it.

Garnish the black-eyed peas with parsley – throw in some
Jeff Lynne ELO guitar and octopus.

Try getting your beak in a twist as you sing along to Duck Breast With Dulce De Leche Ancho Chili
.  It’ll drive you quackers.

One Ring Zero
have brought a fresh dimension to playing with your food. Guest vocals by Tanya
Donelly and Claudia Gonson compliment the bands like strawberries and balsamic were made for each other.

Including recipes put to music
by Monofuku Noodle Bar’s David Chang;
Offal Good’s Chris Consentino; Iron Chef and Cleveland-based Michael
Symon; Latin-cuisine Chef Aaron Sanchez and vegan-friendly foodie Isa Chandra

Go on, order yours.
They’ll even throw in a complimentary tooth-pick.


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